Swift 1.0 Release Candidate

A bit under a month since the last beta was released, Swift has reached Release Candidate stage for 1.0. This version is being released to check that each i is dotted and each t crossed, so please report any bugs/issues that you find, and in the absence of problems we’ll aim to release the final builds soon.

The release notes are available at http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0rc1/ and the changelog since beta9 is:

  • Added Spanish and Catalan translation (Thanks to Jan Kusanagi)

  • Added Russian translation (Thanks to Ivan Tyumentsev)

  • Added German translation (Thanks to Thilo Cestonaro)

  • Fixed a bug where the avatar was not updating in the chat window.

  • Fixed typo in room join message.

  • Fixed a potential hang on shutdown on Mac OS X.

  • Fixed compilation on systems with a recent version of Boost installed.

  • Fixed the last couple of remaining known crashes

Please test http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0rc1/, and encourage friends, families and colleagues to do the same, and we’ll look forward to Swift 1.0.