Swift 1.0-beta9 released

We’ve just released the final pre-1.0 beta of Swift (next step Release Candidate). We have no known bugs in Swift at this point, so if you find any please report them so we can get them fixed for the RC.

A fuller changelog is available at http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0beta9/, but the highlights include:

  • On servers that support it, users can now perform searches for contacts to add or chat to.
  • The roster header can now be configured to show the JID instead of the nick.
  • Server certificates are now verified and validated. Certificates not passing the tests require confirmation.
  • Added dialog changing your nickname and avatar.
  • Swift now uses SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS authentication on servers that support it.
  • Highlighting an item in the login account list and pressing detele will now prompt you to remove the cached credentials for that account. (Thanks to Thilo Cestonaro)
  • Added keyboard accelerators for tabs and commands. (Thanks to Arnt Gulbrandsen)
  • Security labels (XEP-0258) support has been updated to match the latest version of the specification.
  • It is now possible to edit contacts from the standard menus (without needing to right-click on the item)
  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Various speed improvements.
  • Various aesthetic improvements.
  • Added Dutch translation.

Please go forth and test: http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0beta9/

See you in RC.