M-Link test drive

It’s about 6 months since I was moaning to Dave Cridland about wanting to replace the xmpp server software running on my private server, and ended up with Isode kindly donating an M-Link license to do the job.

Having only used the open-source servers in the past, I wondered how it’d do, and so far I’m rather happy. It’s fairly young, but I’ve now got all the features that I was missing from other servers deployed, with a nightly build of their imminent release. It’s running in not much RAM, and it doesn’t die a horrible gruesome death frequently, which have been complaints I’ve had with some of the servers I’ve run.

What’s interesting is that M-Link’s driven by Isode’s directory server, so I can control pretty much everything through their directory control tools, which means I can do things like reconfiguring my persistent MUC rooms and the like through a nice GUI. Or set my wife’s vcard picture to be a chimpanzee. Which is nice, if not good for my marriage.

And it supports XEP-0258: Security Labels in XMPP, which means that - should I want to - I could invite both my parents to a MUC, mark my messages as confidential, and have a conversation with my brother in front of them without them knowing. Which may not actually be the most vital feature for me, but at least it sounds fun.

So after 6 months with M-Link, it seems to be pretty good really. Thanks Isode.